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Adventures Starring You

When the power of AI meets the vision of great creators, we have a whole new way to experience stories. They become adventures.

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Technology & Platform


Bring Your Story to Life

Make your story a reality by creating an adventure for anytime, anywhere. The FaintLines platform is a one-stop shop with all the tools you need to develop your characters, shape their personalities, and adjust their interactivity. From there, you can deploy, manage, and monetize your storyworld. Our beta testers will offer invaluable real-time feedback.

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Meet Your Characters

Imagine Sherlock Holmes reaching out over FaceTime. What would you say? How would Sherlock respond? Let our cutting-edge AI role-play your characters based on your preferences. Our technology lets players interact with characters the same way they would real people—using free text and via social media, text, and video chat.

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Let AI Tailor Your Story

Our powerful AI will adapt your story elements to each player's preferences. Your timelines, settings, and even your characters' personalities are curated to the player, their location, and the time of day or season. The end result is an experience so thrilling—and so immersive—that players often feel it was created just for them.

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Add Places, Live Actors and More

Take advantage of our library of real-world services and websites, which includes social media, news, streaming services, and many more. Instantly create new fictional businesses and websites to complement your storyworld. Use our real-life locations database to bring your story closer to the player. Incorporate live actors, and much more.

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Build Multiplayer Adventures

What if you could bring two or more players into the same storyworld? How will the actions of one player impact the others? Make design choices that foster connection, collaboration, and even competition among players and let their social interactions create meaningful long-lasting memories.

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Built on Our Platform


Gilad Raichstain

Founder & CEO

  • Head of AI Products at Salesforce's Sales Cloud
  • Founder & CEO of Implisit, acquired by Salesforce
  • Intel's youngest employee
  • At 16, started undergrad at Technion; Wharton MBA class of 2011

Tzach Yarimi

Founder & CTO

  • Salesforce's youngest Architect
  • Second employee at Implisit, acquired by Salesforce
  • Team leader at the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office
  • At 15, started undergrad at Open University, M.Sc. in Computer Science

Stephen Kearin

Creative Advisor

  • Co-creator of EA's The Sims language, Simlish
  • Creative advisor to Disney, DreamWorks, Paramount, Netflix & LAIKA
  • Visiting instructor at Stanford, USC, US Olympic Ski Team & Cirque Du Soleil

Maxim Kirilov

Lead Software Dev.

Anna Volante

Adventure Writer